The Thermaculture treatment is based on the principle of a short-term heat shock in which air which has been heated to 150 °C is emitted on both sides of the plant by two gas-operated fan heaters with a wind velocity of 40 to 60 km/h. This takes place in a fraction of a second while the tractor-drawn AgrothermXT passes along the rows of vines and - of course - it does not cause any damage to the vines. The heat shock does however have several positive effects on the grapes and the foliage.

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  • Improved and higher fruit set, even with adverse weather conditions during the vine blossom (cold/humidity)
  • Increase in crop yields with a simultaneous improvement in quality (wine sensors)
  • The heat shock causes the proportion of flavonoids in the plant to increase including antioxidants and phenols which improve the taste
  • Reduction of negative effects after torrential rain and humidity due to the drying effect within the grapes and canopy
  • Minimized risk of spoilage and the occurrence of fungal diseases, e.g. botrytis
  • Supports phytosanitary measures, as the water adhesions are blown away and the surface of the grapes dries off quicker
  • Supports actions as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) type program and hence leads to costs savings in the area of spraying
  • Improved must weight, as the time of harvesting can be delayed
  • Healthier harvests until the time of harvest
  • Raise Brix to harvest targets when mother Nature goes into stall mode

Model Specifications

Row distances: from min. 2 m to 3.5 m
Maximum permitted speed: 25 km/h
Operating speed: 5 to 6 km/h
Power take-off shaft speed: 480 rev/min
Total weight with full gas cylinders
(in EU - Version):
1400 kg

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