1. You can make the most of our company’s experience, with almost 65 years of working in the wine-making industry.
  2. You want the security of knowing for certain that your order will be 100% completed.
  3. You appreciate having a huge choice of over 30,000 products all under one roof.
  4. You expect to have access to a wide range of equipment for wine-making and cellars.
  5. You want to make use of the latest ordering technology to place your order quickly and easily.
  6. You want to enjoy very attractive purchasing conditions.
  7. You would like to receive a regular newsletter covering products, markets and industry news.
  8. You would like to make use of a huge network of connections and relationships to get the most out of your equipment.
  9. You will be able to obtain high quality documentation from us for all machines.
  10. You want products that work in practice.
  11. You appreciate the advantages of personal advice on site.
  12. You like to extend your knowledge through national and international exhibitions and trade fairs.
  13. You are excited by having the opportunity to try out our machines in practice.
  14. You appreciate the certainty of knowing that your supplier offers expert services and concepts that focus on your needs and requirements.
  15. You want long-term collaboration with a reliable partner.
  16. You expect the highest quality.
  17. In certain circumstances, you would like to be able to call on specialist technical expertise. We are here for you!
  18. You expect punctual, reliable delivery - and rightly so.
  19. You want a telephone sales contact who is always friendly and professional.
  20. You are a supporter of the philosophy of healthy competition. This is achieved not by large concerns but by medium-sized companies.
  21. You think it is right that others also demonstrate social commitment and create attractive prospects for young people through training.
  22. You regard efficient decision-making as an advantage. Our success is based on an owner-run structure.
  23. You would like to benefit from the advantages of a range of operational planning services all under one roof.
  24. You want to ensure that the products you order comply with all regulations and requirements that are relevant to machinery.
  25. You enjoy dealing with pleasant, helpful contacts who support you and do everything they can to help you.
  26. You would like a local contact for all issues relating to your business. Your sales representative will take care of everything.
  27. You trust us and we trust you. If you do have a problem with any product supplied to you, we will deal with it quickly and fairly.
  28. You like the fact that your supplier has an extensive, up-to-date website.
  29. You appreciate having access to an extensive supply of spare parts.
  30. You want a supplier at your side who will not abandon you even in projects that are cost and time-intensive. Put your trust in our network of specialists - operating at the highest level.
  31. You would like mobile servicing of your machine.
  32. You just want to be treated fairly and honestly.
  33. You know that the overall package is right. You can always find someone who promises something cheaper to begin with. We keep our promises.