Ideally suited for increasing demands.

The Clemens ATLAS Lifting Mast is distinguished by the proven HEXAGON profile. This design and the resulting loading capacity make the mast ideally suited for increasing demands. In combination with the hydraulic lateral tilt, the work tool can be brought to the optimal working and travel position. All the equipment available on the market for lifting masts can be attached with the aid of adapters. With the CLEMENS seating fixture, you can easily attach the lifting mast to your existing KMS or ERO tractor bracket. It is also perfectly feasible to insert new stakes with the corresponding accessory.

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  • Gradients of up to 100% can easily be mastered
  • Horizontal and vertical bends, singly or in combination with 4 metre radius permit optimum adaptation to the profile of the land
  • Overhanging cliffs and high walls can be overcome with correspondingly high supports; existing footpaths and ravines can be crossed in the same way

Model Specifications

Lifting mast: 98 kg Lifting range: 950 mm
Lateral tilt: 60 kg Inclination: 26 / 18°

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