Light Equipment Carrier for Under Vine Care.

The Clemens A-frame can be used to attach the Clemens RADIUS for working light soil, MULTI-CLEAN and rotary brush for clearing out the suckers and removing weeds from underneath the vines, as well as the mower for the area between the vines. Similar to the SB frames, the A-frames can be front or rear mounted. They are available in two different working widths (AR1 and AR2) for row widths of 1.40m to 2.90m. The larger version AR2 corresponds to three point category 1. Manual expansion by a maximum of 0.6 m is possible as standard.

Model Specifications

  AR 1 AR 2
Weight in kg (with no accessories): ca. 85 kg ca. 100 kg
Length x width x height* 600 x 650 x 775 mm 775 x 1,000 x 600 mm
For row widths with    
370 mm radius blades 1,390 - 1,990 mm 1,740 - 2,340 mm
500 mm radius blades 1,650 - 2,250 mm 2,000 - 2,600 mm
620 mm radius blades 1,890 - 2,490 mm 2,240 - 2,840 mm

* = (dimensions of outer edge of bar)

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