The SB Mono is a single-edged equipment carrier based on the SB equipment carrier.

The SB-Mono can be attached to the front or the rear of the tractor. The hydraulic width adjustment can be converted from left to right with minimum effort. Using the cylinder, the base frame can be hydraulically extended to the left or to the right by 500 mm, from 960 to 1460 mm.


  • Hydraulic width adjustment
  • Front or rear mounted available

Model Specifications

Weight: 105 kg
Base frame width: 960 - 1460 mm
Width adjustment: 500 mm
Row width with Radius SL 370: 1.330 - 1.830 mm
Row width with Radius SL 500: 1.460 - 1.960 mm
Row width with Radius SL 620: 1.580 - 2.080 mm

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